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PBM is a marine engine specialist based in Rijeka, Croatia. Our particular expertise is in providing engine service and maintenance and embraces a full range of on-site and remote services, from overhauling of governors and main engine maneuvering systems through in situ crankshaft grinding, main and auxiliary engine overhauling to retrofitting engines/turbines using new governor technologies.

PBM is a distributor and independent service facility for the Woodward Company.
We overhaul all types of Woodward governors in our workshop. Using the portable test stand, we overhaul governors directly on the vessel during cargo operations.

PBM can also overhaul governors of other manufacturers including Kiki Diesel, Yanmar, RHD6, Zexel, NZ61, RE 1102 using genuine manufacturer parts and final testing. We keep a constant wide stock of spares to reduce the overhaul time to a minimum. Governors on exchange basis are also available.

The PBM’s scope of services goes far beyond pure repair, maintenance and spares distribution. Our personnel are highly sought after as qualified lecturers to provide training to engineers/technicians on a range of topics, like governors, turbochargers, remote control systems, pneumatics, two-stroke engine basics, ship electricity systems and alike.

PBM is a Woodward Authorized Independent Service Facility. We can overhaul all types of Woodward governors using genuine spare parts. After overhauling, governors are tested and ready for use. There is an option to provide governors...
  main engine manoeuvring system  
Main engine manoeuvring system or remote control system?  It  doesn’t matter. We can put any main engine under control; Ahead, Reversing, Astern, Start, Stop. PBM’s engineers can make your main engine operational again...
parts distribution
PBM is a Woodward authorized distributor and service facility. As such, we have a large stock of genuine Woodward spare parts for all types of governors. PBM has also a large stock of pneumatic valves by BOSCH Rexroth and ...
crankshaft grinding in situ
If crankpins are out of measure and you want to save time and money on repairs ....
If you don't want to dismantle the engine and send the crankshaft on shore for grinding ....
In-situ crankshaft grinding is the solution...
  engine overhauling  
The PBM service engineering team can undertake repair and maintenance of your engine either on a regular basis or at short notice. Regardless of whether they are 2- or 4-stroke, main or auxiliary engines, PBM experts ...
It is a good practice to retrofit the machinery of a certain age with new control system technologies. This will improve their efficiency, increase control and enhance safety. The machinery will be better supervised and...
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e-mail: pbm@pbm.hr
mobile: +385 (0) 91 563 4563
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