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  • Woodward Authorized Independent Service Facility
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Our Value Proposition

We are top experts for marine and industrial engines and engine control systems - fast, precise, reliable.

Our knowledge is our key asset. We understand the time is critical, so we support you 24/7.

Whenever you may need us, wherever you may be, just tell us where and we’ll fly there.


PBM Group started its journey as PBM LLC, a one-man vision, specialised in marine engines and engine control systems.

1995 - CROATIA

PBM Croatia was established in Rijeka, the largest port in Croatia.

Mr. Davor Tudor, ex. Chief of Engine Test Station in 3. Maj Shipyard and ex. Chief Engineer in Scorpio Group, put his vast knowledge and experience at disposal of the maritime community, providing repair and maintenance services for Governors, Remote-Control Systems and Engines.

2005 - WOODWARD Inc.

Woodward Inc., leading American designer, manufacturer, and service provider of control systems and components for aircraft engines, industrial engines and turbines, power generation and mobile industrial equipment, recognised PBM's Quality of Service by awarding the status of Woodward Authorised Independent Service Facility (AISF).


Following our goal to support our clients wherever they may need us, PBM started its global expansion, establishing PBM Slovakia and opening workshop in Bratislava Shipyard.

2013 - ROMANIA

Started expansion to the Black Sea region. PBM Romania established with workshop in Santierul Naval Constanta Shipyard in Constanta.


Black Sea expansion continued through PBM Bulgaria with workshop in Odessos Shipyard, Varna.

2019 - CHINA

The hot spot of global maritime industry, China, was a logical step. PBM China established with workshop in Shanghai.

2020 - TURKEY

Covering the focal point of European shipbuilding and ship repair industry. PBM Turkey established with workshop in Istanbul Tuzla.


The Baltic Sea region is covered through the joint venture with Baltmarine Trading company, PBM Baltmarine, with workshop in Klaipeda.


Group News

PBM's Marine „Black Box“ to speed up root cause analysis for engine issues

Mar 28, 2021

The best innovation comes from the real need. Troubleshooting a problem on the vessel regularly requires dealing with several issues in order to isolate the root cause. Often it takes much more time than one would like and, even solved, sometimes leaves a bitter taste of success. Our “Marine Black Box” is a portable marine engine data logger, able to monitor and record up to 10 signals from vessel’s engines, in real-time. This means that we’ll be able to isolate and identify a root cause of the problem in a shorter time and with less effort.

PBM's Marine „Black Box“ to speed up root cause analysis for engine issues

Povećanje razvoja novih proizvoda i usluga koji proizlaze iz aktivnosti istraživanja i razvoja - faza II

Apr 20, 2021

Tvrtka Popravak brodskih motora d.o.o. od kolovoza 2020. uspješno provodi projekt pod nazivom „Iskorištenje manje kvalitetnih i nestalnih plinova za proizvodnju električne energije, uporabom Umjetne Inteligencije za miješanje plinova u realnom vremenu“ referentne oznake KK. Tvrtka projekt provodi uz pomoć partnera – Sveučilište u Zagrebu Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva.


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