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You can’t start your engine?
Engine can’t reach desired power?
AE frequency oscillates wildly?
You have to switch your ME RCS to manual?

We can help.

Governor Overhaul

Governor is a relatively simple device, yet to master it, one has to understand the engine.

Services for Governors:

  • Maintenance & Repair (Overhaul)
  • Replacement on Exchange Basis
  • Retrofitting
  • Commissioning
  • Remote and Onsite Support and Troubleshooting
  • Training and Education

We are top experts for: Woodward (AISF), Regulateurs Europa (AD), Yanmar, Zexel, Diesel Kiki and others.

ME Remote-Control System Overhaul

ME Remote-Control System Overhaul

Overhauling of pneumatic Remote-Control Systems means servicing all pneumatic valves/cylinders involved in ME control (start, stop, reversing ahead and astern, speed setting, telegraph, from bridge, ECR, and EMCY stand)

Services for Remote-Control Systems:

  • Maintenance and Repair (Overhaul)
  • Valve Replacement on Exchange Basis
  • Commissioning
  • Retrofit and Upgrade
  • Remote and Onsite Support and Troubleshooting
  • Training and Education
Main and Aux Engine Overhaul

Main and Aux Engine Overhaul

Our expertise covers MAN B&W ME-B/C and Wartsila/Sulzer, 2-stroke engines. Years of hands-on experience and Group's accumulated knowledge enable us standardize procedures and resolve any issue faced onboard, thus reducing the overhaul time and expenses to a minimum.

Services for ME and AUX engines:

  • Maintenance & Repair - General Services:
    • Engine Inspection and Overhaul - cleaning, inspection and overhaul of cylinder and cylinder head, pistons and piston rings, main bearings, rod end bearings, thrust bearings, crankshaft, exhaust valves, starting valves, starting air distributor, stuffing box, crosshead
    • Fuel Supply System Overhaul
    • Fuel Injection System timing adjustments for MAN B&W and Wartsila/Sulzer 2-stroke engines
    • Turbocharger Inspection and Overhaul
  • Maintenance & Repair - Specific Services for MAN B&W ME-B/C:
    • Fuel Booster Overhaul
    • Cylinder Lubrication Pumps Overhaul
    • Accumulators Overhaul
    • Pneumatic System Overhaul
    • Main and Slow Turning Actuator Overhaul
    • Parkers Valves
    • Proportional Valve Exchange and Connection in Terminal Box
    • FIVA/ELFI Inspection and Overhaul
    • Air Distributor Overhaul
    • Tacho Mechanical Inspection
  • Commissioning
  • Remote and Onsite Support and Troubleshooting
  • Training and Education
Remote and Onsite Support

Remote and Onsite Support

Experienced and well-trained crews can complete many works onboard, yet there are always cases when specialist’s assistance is needed. Whether it’s an urgency, or just a regular job to be completed, just call us and we’ll help.

Remote Support Service provides expert's online advice and assistance during problem solving onboard. Contact us by mail or phone and we'll respond as soon as possible.

Onsite Support Service provides experts’ attendance onboard for the purpose of inspection, installation/deinstallation, overhaul, commissioning, sea trial, and troubleshooting.

Genuine Spares Supply

Genuine Spares Supply

Are you in a hurry? Sure you are!

Instead of letting you wait for spare parts, we have tied our working capital and ensured a large stock to serve you as fast as possible.

PBM Group keeps large stock of genuine governor spare parts ranging from small pins, bearings, plungers, shafts, and pistons, to large accumulator springs. Genuine spares for all key governor manufacturers, such as Woodward, Regulateurs Europa, Yanmar, Zexel and others are available on our stock.

Pneumatic RCS spare parts and repair kits from leading global manufacturers such as Bosch Rexroth, Emerson Aventics, Nabco, Wabco are on stock as well.

Engine spare parts can be supplied on request, but usually are owner’s supply due to more favourable terms which manufacturers provide directly to their clients.

Training and Education

Training and Education

Knowledge is power!

And we have it.

Yet, we believe it is good to share it and make our Clients powerful as well.

We offer various educations ranging from basic trainings for Woodward products to more complex or customized ones, tailored for a specific need. If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to assist.

We Keep Your Engines Running
Whether it’s an urgency, or you just need a regular job to be completed, just contact us and we’ll help.